Restaurant Management System
RMS as a complete solution for restaurants and banquets. It covers all aspect of their business cycle.

It has various modules.


  • KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) can be generated and printed
  • There can be multiple KOTs for a single customer
  • Bill can be generated with a single click by selecting table based on KOTS entered
  • Bill can be printed in various formats
  • a) Thermal Printer b) Quarter Page c) Half Page
  • For Fast food counters , thali or canteens there is also option for direct billing
  • It has effect in
  • a) Accounting b) GST report c) MIS and other reports
  • Different Payment modes
  • a) Cash b) Credit Card c) PayTM / Swiggy...
  • Tablet order taking (Under process)
  • SMS


  • Cash Voucher
  • Bank Voucher
  • Direct link with restaurant modules and banquet modules
  • Direct Link with Purchase
  • Direct Link with purchase of capital goods and other expenses
  • GST Reports
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • JV Register
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss A/C
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank reconciliation
  • A/C Payable reports
  • EOY (End of Report Activity)


  • Multiple banquets support
  • Package concept for enabling quick menu selection
  • Banquet Booking
  • Banquet Event Billing
  • Customer account maintenance
  • Banquet Bills
  • Banquet Receipts
  • Direct Link with
  • a) Accounting b) GST Reports
  • Due reports
  • Event planning list
  • Customer database


  • Customer Feed back
  • Birthday SMS


  • Purchase of consumable goods
  • Purchase register
  • Direct Link with inventory


  • Link with Purchase
  • Inventory reports
  • Material Consumption

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